Hannover Fairs Mexico and lead on agree on cooperation

  • The B2B specialist for lead management strategy, new customer acquisition and after sales, lead on GmbH from Potsdam and Hannover Fairs Mexico, subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover, agree on a cooperation in the field of digitalization and lead management.
  • The focus is on developing new tools and after sales strategies for customers in Mexico from manufacturing, trade and IT, as well as the app for lead capture at trade fairs and events, lead ONE.
lead ONE App for digital leadercapture on fairs.

Mexico City, May 4th, 2021.- In January 2021, Hannover Fairs Mexico and lead on GmbH from Potsdam agreed on a cooperation for the Mexican market, as well as Central America. Hannover Fairs Mexico is expanding its range of services with the establishment of B2B tools for customers from industry, trade and IT sectors. In addition, lead on’s lead capture app will be offered in the future to exhibitors at national trade fairs organized by Hannover Fairs Mexico as part of the bookable services. 

„Through the strategic cooperation with Hannover Fairs Mexico, lead on is tapping into the markets in North and Central America to offer its services to European customers with the appropriate local language quality and regional market knowledge. In addition, lead on positions itself as a service provider for companies from North and Central America that are expanding into Europe. Most companies from overseas start in Europe with a small sales and service organization and need support in lead generation to quickly gain market share,“ emphasized Oliver Nolte, Managing Director of lead on. Bernd Rohde, CEO of Hannover Fairs Mexico, mentioned: „The cooperation with lead on is another step towards diversifying our services. With lead on we are very happy to have found an innovative partner in the field of lead management and after-sales.” 

Operationally, the cooperation is managed by Thorsten Hofmann, Deputy General Manager at Hannover Fairs Mexico and Boris Ringwald, Head of Sales and Marketing at lead on GmbH. „The expansion of our services will further strengthen our current position in the Mexican market. The additional product range offers our customers great new opportunities for customer acquisition and retention,” Hofmann stated. „This cooperation is a milestone for our software and digitalization division, as Hannover Fairs Mexico offers our lead ONE lead capture app to its trade show exhibitors at all its trade shows and network in Mexico”, said Ringwald. 

About lead on 

As a service provider, lead on GmbH supports B2B sales in the development of strategies, processes and campaigns for lead management and lead generation. The focus is on the acquisition of new customers, as well as customer loyalty and increased sales with existing customers. 

lead on customers include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations with products and services from industry, trade and IT that require explanation. From its headquarters in Potsdam, lead on is active throughout Europe in over 20 languages ​​with native speakers, as well as in North America for its customers. 

Webseite: www.leadon.de and www.lead1.de  

Contact: Boris Ringwald boris.ringwald@leadon.de  

Address: lead on GmbH, Am Kanal 16-18, 14467 Potsdam, Germany

About Hannover Fairs Mexico / Deutsche Messe AG 

Hannover Fairs Mexico is a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG, one of Germany’s leading trade fair companies focusing on the capital goods, human resources and consumer goods. 

The event portfolio includes the leading trade fairs in their respective industries, including Hannover Messe (Industry 4.0) and Agritechnica (agriculture). 

Hannover Fairs Mexico was founded in Mexico in 2016. The mission is to create platforms for the promotion of different economic sectors through the organization of trade fairs, thus promoting economic development in the country. 

Webseite: www.hfmexico.mx  

Contact: Itziar Gómez itziar.gomez@hfmexico.mx